engine speed rpm
MAP mbar
IQ mg/stroke
SOI compensation

volume per cylinder cm3
engine VE %
MAF g/s
MAF per cylinder mg
combust. press. bar
engine torque Nm
engine power kW
fuel consumption l/min
injection duration °CsR
AFR Lambda
AFR :1
PM g/min
CO2 kg/min
NOx g/min

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Engine calibration simulator usage info

This simulator demonstrates effects of changes to engine calibration of VW 2.0 TDi (BMM 8V, 103KW) at full load and 20°C ambient temperature. Simulations were carried out in great SW created by Russian scientists from Moscow University. All values are just for demonstration purpose!

All values are calculated automatically on-the-fly once you input all data. You need to either press ENTER or click with mouse somewhere outside input windows after you have entered desired numbers.

For more info move/hoover mouse cursor over parameter text - SIM means it is just a simulation or value modelling. EST is an estimate; result of simulation confirmed by field experiments